Sacred Portal

The future belongs to women. The present is leading us out of the oppression that has plagued us and kept us in “our place” since the beginning of time. Where there is a following, there are leaders. The women leaders of today are proof that though the path is rocky for women, it isn’t impossible to continuously pave new roads.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I think we can still become lost in the idea of what any true leader looks like, but sometimes it’s sitting right in front of us. For every famous woman leading us into higher ideals, there are thousands who remain anonymous, behind the spotlight, unpolished, and unable to find their way to higher ground.

Women still don’t make living wages. They are still fighting the war on equality. They can’t come to an agreement even, with each other, about which rights should be kept around, and which ones are a sin.

I watched a documentary on abortion just the other night, and I couldn’t help but see both sides, though I am pro-choice. I ask myself, the only deciding factor really in this case, would I want that right to be taken from me? Obviously no, there are too many other factors that would play into a decision like that one.

Life is complicated, and women are the Queen’s who often save the day when it comes to the things nobody ever has to think about, but them. In particular, mothers. We weep for our youth, for fantasies that never came true, for the paths we chose that never led us where we wanted to go, but instead kept us trapped in less than satisfactory conditions.

One of the glaring truths that sprang up again and again while watching this documentary, was that nine times out of ten the reason a woman chose to abort a child was because she was financially strapped and already taking care of other children she could barely feed. The fear in their eyes was pervasive and nobody gloated about having to make a decision like the one they were making.

A decision a man who couldn’t become pregnant, would ever have to make. Babies change lives, in particular the lives of women.

This right is hanging in the air, with the possibility of being taken from us, when the consequence would belong solely to women. Women who aren’t being paid living wages. Women who aren’t being helped with the burden of parenting a child she had help making. Women who are afraid of being unable to feed the children they already have.

This isn’t a blog post about abortion rights, so much as the heart and soul of this world we live in, where mothers are continuously placed on the bottom rung of the ladder, and then have their fingers stomped on as they try desperately to hold onto anything that will keep them afloat.

I can’t imagine the luxury of having a child not only that society makes easy to walk away from, but one that doesn’t pull at your own heartstrings enough to keep you around. Or maybe I can, because a man can plant a seed, but it blooms because of a woman.

A mother is a special person, whether she has lost a child, given one up for adoption, or made the decision that she couldn’t bring a baby into a world that can’t support it’s best interest at this particular moment in time.

A mother’s heart beats in unison with the unborn, and she bleeds the same blood for a time.

No matter where you find yourself this Mothers Day, you  need to know how precious and sacred you are, as the actual Earth Angel you are.

Portals exist where Angels get through. A mother is the most powerful portal between world’s.

And that is why we fight for the rights of women.



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