Redemption Song

Recently the theme I’m seeing pop up in my reality is “redemption”. You can imagine how heavy the real life events that lead up to a theme like this must be. To redeem one’s self means to save one’s self from error, or sin.

I chose to follow my own heart, which has led me into the life I am currently living. I try to base everything I write off of love and integrity. Being human, there is often room for error. I am same as you, we argue with the mirrors that don’t feel good to us until they shatter and we see, not clearer, but all the pieces we didn’t see before.

I’ve been analyzing a recent situation in my life from every angle, through the pretend lens of each key person involved. Literally, each story sounds a lot different than the others. That leaves room for judgement and hurt.

I stick to my core revolving around issues I think are important, because I don’t believe I would have been born into the life I was, were this perspective not so incredibly valuable. The same can actually be said, for you, and you, and you. There literally can not be a right and wrong, which in and of it’s self can and does often lead one into apathy. If everybody is right, and nothing is really wrong, what do I stand up for?

This is the important message I’m being asked to share with you: You stand up for what feels right to that inner child in you who just wants to be loved. What would love feel like to your inner child? What kind of world and people does your inner child desire to live in and live with? Were you to expose yourself to certain elements, would you inner child die or suffer loss, or would she thrive?

That is your core, and that is what matters the most to you. It is where you find your ideals, and what is worth standing up, even if it means strongly opposing other people and ways of life. And most likely it does, because it’s supposed to in order to see real change.

I made a video I posted on facebook about “taking personal responsibility containing the phrase, “we are all, no matter how different we are from one another, no matter our beliefs, striving for the evolution of mankind.” I had to laugh out loud later, as I realized how true my own words are. If we are one, and each perspective bows to the power of oneness, no matter (again) the different perspectives, on a soul level we really are helping each other evolve!

There must be opposition to grow!! Stop looking for easy and start honoring “tough lesson’s”, and the ego’s resistance to these lessons fades.

I wrote recently a passive aggressive insult about the Jenner sisters. I wrote this even though I knew it wasn’t loving or kind, and many people would bow out of taking my side because of these missing aspects of my words. Less than an hour ago I saw an article about Kylie Jenner donating money to children with cleft palates in Peru. I didn’t misjudge her, as my perspective truly is valid, but I didn’t give her room to evolve, to grow, to be something other than an idea I had about who she must be, based off of things I don’t agree with, or things that are hard to stomach when you yourself have not the same things (fortune, opportunity, etc).

I also have to take a moment to say how fitting it is that she chooses to donate proceeds from her makeup sales to children with facial disfigurement, because she herself had plastic surgery from head to toe, to feel better about her own appearance. She is holding a baby with a cleft palate in the photo accompanying this article, and I just think it’s kind of beautiful that our own inner children often guide us to search for ways to help children survive or overcome the same struggles we have had in our own lives.

I am always willing to change a perspective once it has been proven different than what I deemed it to be.

It is the same with this situation, every person involved perhaps did make many mistakes that led to the outcome. In the light of evolution due to this experience, all people involved have room to redeem themselves, to admit they contributed to this problem, to choose to evolve and love one another. In fact, it would serve them too, were “peace” the true goal of these people.

We aren’t perfect people walking perfect paths. Human error occurs whether we have time for it, or not. Personal responsibility for what is sitting in front of your face isn’t going to remove you from the horrors of an outcome you don’t like, but it will ultimately cause you to heal the wounds of the past, and to love one another a little more completely.



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