Mom Life

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, because they don’t really pay you a yearly salary or anything. Miniature bosses run around making everything dirty, and beating each other up in the privacy of their own bedroom. You walk in, do a little investigating, every body plays dumb … It’s Hell, I tell you.

Being a mother is the most humbling experience. There is nothing like having shit in your hair.


I don’t think you’re ever prepared for the reality of your seeds growing into people and walking all over you for a living. They do it for free, because to them it’s life and the nectar of life. And everything in between. “This is life, I tell youuuuu!!”, they scream underneath their innocent exteriors.

Those big blue eyes don’t fool me, sir.

I made you!!

I’ve been through the worst parenting life has to offer. When your world falls apart and yet you must remain adult enough to raise people who don’t become serial killers … is there anything rougher than that? I like to say I’m raising Gentlemen, but we’ll see how it goes … I don’t want to get carried away with unrealistic ideas, you know?

Heart is what I hope, more than anything, to instill in my sons.

The rest, they’ll figure out.

Closing thoughts on motherhood?

I can no longer complain about my children, aside from mommy jokes about the shitty parts, because I know how blessed I am to have healthy boys. I can’t complain about messes, at least not with passion, when they are bouncing off walls with life. I refuse to treat them as if they are a burden (unless I’m tired), when they are what this world is about!

I think being a mom is the closest thing to God there is.

There is no better way to serve the world, than to birth legends. And humanitarian’s who will better this world with every breath that they breathe, as long as I give them that opportunity to work with, I mean. We are here to create better, because we birthed legends.

As cocky as that sounds, why can’t it be true?

Namaste, bitches.


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