A Dream of Freedom for The Poor

If life is but a dream, wouldn’t everything in it be a symbol?

I feel like if you were to analyze the circumstances, people, and situations in your current reality, you could very easily pinpoint the seeds that have been planted in your psyche.

I don’t say this to depress anybody, but because the law of attraction is a real thing. People are always trying to escape their nightmares, and they are always unsuccessful.

Successful people, for example, aren’t necessarily people who have worked harder. They are people who had the idea inserted in their reality very young, that they were worth success. They are not the broken remains of poverty born people, who’s messages often go unheard in favor of less meaningful messages paid for by white skin and money.

A perfect example would be the Jenner sisters. We are so easily fooled into thinking some people are worth more than others. Opportunity isn’t the only option these women had. It’s true that one must still add to the abundance in the natural born psyche of a rich person. That part is duly noted. The part that isn’t is the entire history of people who born into wealth, who continue to thrive simply because somebody told them they had the right to.

I want the Hood to wake up, more than I want to live. I want these beautiful people who are my friends and my family to become spiritual, not because it’s my way, but because it may be the only saving grace and the way we pave a new world for our own children, destined for the same struggles we have endured.

I can speak for them for now, but they aren’t going to hear your story if you don’t speak up. And nothing will ever change. Ever. We will forever be slaves to a God who rules with a lack of integrity and a sorry excuse for a human heart.

If this is my dream, and the symbols tell me what has been planted in my head, what kind of dream am I having while awake?

A dream to change this dream.

A drug addict doesn’t become a drug addict out of weakness of mind. He becomes what the world told him he would be. He dreams the nightmare that was first shown to him before he knew he had a choice. It’s not merely a stupid decision that led him there, it’s an army designed to keep people in their place. Why would they need us to remain there? They fear us, more than we fear them.

In the event of my demise, when my heart can beat no more, I refuse to live for a principle that isn’t worth dying for.

I dream for the Hood, the poverty stricken, the ghetto dwellers, whatever you want to call us, what Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed for “Blacks”.


Freedom to thrive because they are paid living wages for their time and energy. Freedom to travel, to touch, taste, and see the world that is meant for them too. Freedom to send their children to the best schools. Freedom to live off welfare. Freedom never to have to bow before the mighty again!

And my favorite, freedom to live, rather than merely survive.



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