The amount of connection to be shared in this world, is worth chasing. I feel it all day, every day, everywhere I go. The themes that connect us as a whole have been predominant since before my own birth. Nothing you ever go through is something you’re going through alone.

I met so many mirrors of my own inner world yesterday, I’m literally almost still too overwhelmed to write about it. And yet, I know the feeling won’t be as strong later on, so I’ll try to convey the message I feel wanting to surface for air.

The running theme for America is Fearlessness, which first must provoke those underlying feelings of  being powerless.

As I made my way through a group at a local weekly gathering, who would call themselves “hippies” or “rebels”, in a religiously tied down state like Utah, I picked up the predominant vibration of FEAR. These people are our artists, our druggies, and our Indigo Children/Adults. They dabble in spirituality, but really they already know wholeness in and of themselves.

The world doesn’t reflect back to them their true value as Kings and Queens walking the Earth wearing human flesh and titles like “janitor”, “laboror”, or “dropout”.

Old Hippies show up wearing bell bottoms and tie dye, having paved the way for even this small gathering of people to feel safe in public. I always feel like I should bow in respect to the people who’ve been fighting the war on equality, and general respect for human life, much longer than myself. I love this crowd, and yet I had to leave once the pervasive feelings of powerlessness and fear surfaced. I could suffocate in a vibration like that, as an Empath.

The opposite vibration of being scared is feeling empowered. Who feels empowered in today’s society? The opposite type of people! Fear is a product of never having been able to have your desires met, because on a scale of 1-10, to this world as it currently stands, the seed that has been planted in your head is that your life does not matter as much as a person who has money, or fame, or a fancy title.

We believe in corruption, because unfortunately, it’s been a theme for the entirety of our lives!

I have no answers, other than to travel an individual path of spirituality, and hope the world will turn in your favor one day if you fight long enough, hard enough, and diligently enough, for what belongs to you in the first place. Leaving this behind, I’d have to say, would only be fair to those of us stuck in this vibration of feeling we must work so much harder than those born into opportunity, for so much smaller of a payoff.

It is true, we must work harder, but I promise you that it is never in vain. If we don’t see the rewards of this battle being fought, our children might, or their children might …

We can pull the rug out from beneath the feet of the rich, entitled, and superior, because the ground beneath their feet really is as unstable as it appears to be. While we continue to solidify the ground beneath our own.

Who will be left standing in the end?

I think the stronger Army will always win, though it really may take lifetime after lifetime of being here dressed as warriors. I can see a new world already peeking out from behind the clouds of today’s gloomy forecast.

The old foundation is crumbling beneath our feet, and that is an epic thing to make happen in our lifetime.



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