Seeing Destiny

One story that sticks out in my mind more than most is the story about a little girl here in Utah, who was kidnapped and ultimately found murdered no more than one hundred and fifty feet from her own home.

It was the summer of 2006. Five year old Destiny Norton had gotten into an argument with her parents, and “run away”, barefoot and wearing an over sized t-shirt. Nobody expected that a tantrum would turn into a missing child. People scoured the neighborhoods for days, with no luck.

My own family just happened to pass by the home of the missing little girl after watching the Pioneer Day Parade (a Utah religious based celebration), one of us stopped to ask for any updates on the case. The woman sitting on the porch was raw with pain. I felt so bad for her. I was very uncomfortable talking about the missing little girl. I felt it was sort of disrespectful to invade what little privacy the family had left at the time. I knew our concern couldn’t even compare to hers. People in Utah become like family through hard times, like those involving missing children .

For a week I had visions of a little girl running around the tree in the small yard area of our apartment complex, stopping to peek out from behind the tree every now and then. I didn’t ask who she was, because I was afraid of the answer. Or of thinking it was her if it wasn’t. Or, realizing once the case was solved, the child was alive, and that would mean I was crazy. A raving fucking lunatic. Also, we lived right next to a mortuary, where this kind of activity actually really is more frequent, so I didn’t jump to any conclusions about the identity of the ghost girl.

The little girl in my visions taunted with her giggles and her repeated phrase, “I can’t believe they haven’t found me! I’m RIGHT HERE!” She thought it mighty amusing that her mother hadn’t located her yet, as if she was merely playing a child’s game of hide n’ seek and her hiding place should have been obvious.

On July 25th, I instructed my then boyfriend to turn on the television. I was fully expecting to see live coverage of BREAKING NEWS: The body of Destiny Norton has been found. When it wasn’t I quietly panicked again, assuming the worst about my mental state. And yet, I was also relieved that my worst fears, the worst possible outcome to the case, apparently was not true. Who wants to see that become a real thing?

Four hours later, we searched the local TV News stations again, sure enough there was the headline I’d been so afraid of seeing: THE BODY OF FIVE YEAR OLD DESTINY NORTON HAS BEEN FOUND.

My visions don’t always make sense right away, nor do they always without a shadow of a doubt, come true. That is the hardest part of all of this. I question all of it until I’m given reason to believe in it, to trust myself once more. Enough of what I’ve seen has come to fruition though, for me to pursue my path of unique spirituality. I’ve thrived only when I’ve remembered the true power I hold in my hands, as a psychic.

My guides will push readings through me, or well meant advice, when it’s necessary. I don’t question this anymore, but I fear being judged by the people receiving the messages. Once again, it’s a path worth walking no matter what comes my way.

In the closure of the death of a child, the only condolences I can offer is that she is alive and well in another place.

However, as a mother myself, that is not much of a comfort at all. I was changed by the explosive real life drama that followed the case of this sweet, innocent, five year old child. It is truly something nobody should ever have to go through. As I write this, I realize my heart still aches for this poor family who cherished this little girl so much their lives were forever torn apart by the horrific ending of her life as Destiny Norton.



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