You literally can not be standing here breathing without experiencing Oneness. Oneness is running through your veins. We started out as One, and now we are simply multiplied, severed only by our own unique perspectives. We are many ones now, but still One. A total, a sum. A beginning, and an ending too.

As my Awakening continues I see more and more of myself in others all the time. I realize again and again we are never so different that we can’t find common ground, even if we can’t maintain a loving relationship of any kind. People now seem more transparent and perhaps even a little more made up than they used to, to me. It’s like watching a cast of professional actors mill about onstage all day long, so aware of what their next line is that they mumble them without even having to think about what they are saying.

My own life unfolds as if it is a play I have written myself. The scenes may not be exactly as I thought they would be, but it is still my cast of characters and my poetry they are reciting beneath the dim stage lights.

I find Oneness in simple, everyday life, and people. I don’t feel the need to push my energetic boundaries so far into the unknown that I am floating, rather than living. I’m already there in a way, and what if there is no anchor to pull me back down?

I am One because I am human, because I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a neighbor. I am one with everybody who has ever experienced pain, happiness, given birth, chased a filthy toddler who didn’t want his diaper changed. I’m one when I feel at my most alone, because I know out there on that same day, at that same exact time of day, are millions of others feeling exactly the same way I do.

I’m one with every little girl who was molested, instead of protected. I’m one with every woman who bares the scars of rape. I’m one with every person who is tired of having their sensitivity insulted by things that make no sense to them on a soul level. I’m one with every warrior here who has decided to stand up and fight for a better world for all.

I’m one with the clouds and the people I love who live in Heaven, because I was born of the Earth. The Earth being one with the sky, the Gods, and the souls of all of the other planets. Oneness isn’t something you chase, it is something you ARE.

Spirituality and spiritual people mean well, but they are following (or trying to) in the footsteps of spiritual teachers who weren’t completely honest about how they reached the state of enlightenment they were so infamous for obtaining.

A mountain biker doesn’t fly off a cliff without first understanding his own accountability for his actions, anymore than a mother gives birth completely unprepared to meet the needs of other individuals before her own. It’s called forethought, because it can save lives. We, as spiritual leaders need to be accountable for the possible outcome of our lack of integrity in matters of the heart, because one person killing himself is more than enough.

We don’t bare the burden unless we caused the suffering. Be mindful of the truths you share as you lead. This is real life, these are real people, and death isn’t the worst option to many of them.

Lead with Authenticity and Integrity, lest the burden become yours to bare.



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