At Ease, Soldier

I’m remembering a past life I actually forgot to write about when I wrote about my past life memories a couple of weeks ago. This life was lived out as a soldier.

I feel like this life was lived in Germany, possibly during the time of Hitler’s reign, or a little before or after. I wasn’t given those details. I was actually told about the past life in reference to my friendship with someone who is a friend in this life as well. It was an answer to the bond I feel between us, of love and unconditional immunity in this life. The funny thing is we don’t hang out or talk in person in the third dimensional reality (though we have), but I feel very connected to her. I believe she’s been one of my main guides in the dimension where human souls dwell when they are evolved enough to be leisurely energy in other realms. The fifth dimension.

I was a white man,  fair skinned and blonde. I was probably handsome, in my early thirties, and married with a child at home. This friend was a woman who was basically a sex slave, and held captive in terrible conditions. I was under strict surveillance. Anything I did that wasn’t in alignment with the bosses orders (Nazi orders, perhaps), could have meant brutal torture or instant death for myself and my family.

I forged a deep and sincere bond with this woman, as she helped heal me in ways that I’d never knew possible. I suppose a part of me was in love with her, but I never crossed any boundaries a married man and father, shouldn’t cross.

I wasn’t a part of the horrible things that went on in the building, though I sensed they were atrocious on many levels. I felt as if my hands were tied, if I wanted my life and my wife and child’s lives to be kept alive. I do recall knowing about the sex and the abortions that were performed on women without anything to numb the pain, if they became pregnant. This was my breaking point.

I took this friend, who was a severely abused woman in that prison camp of sorts, aside. I told her I was going to allow her to run, no matter what that meant for me. She had become my main love, and I wasn’t going to continue to dedicate my life to something I had never intended on being a part of. She thanked me, and left. It broke my heart to see her go, to know she had been so hurt and I hadn’t been able to protect her.

She went on to live a fulfilling life, despite all of that. I’m not sure what became of my life as a soldier, but in this life she’s thanked me by being the same kind of friend I was to her in that lifetime: Unconditional and therapeutic.



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