Creating Connections

I’m about to leave you all in the dark for four days, traveling south for a little camping trip with the boys.

Creating Connections is a MONSTER! I feel like it will quickly go from being my idea, to being handled by someone more in alignment with it’s purpose. This is the place to go to find out how to create a non-profit, for example. Have you ever had a dream so big, it felt impossible? That’s usually because you don’t know the first thing about how to get from point A to point Z. Creating Connections will be your mentor every step of the process, from shaky beginning to thriving end.

Bella Life is more about providing instant relief to those suffering, even people in near constant emotional distress. I initially supposed that Bella Bakery would at least have to make a profit in order to fund my other ideas. The exact opposite is actually true, I’m told. Bella Bakery, also includes relief for those suffering from long term or terminal illness, by providing beautiful cupcakes made with a special ingredient or two: Love and medical marijuana. That’s right, I hope to grow weed for a living.

I have recently learned the most valuable lesson someone risking everything needs to learn in order to ever thrive. Trust.

I hope your weekend is profitable, leisurely, and warm.




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