The Divine Masculine

The most sought after man on the planet will one day be The Divine Masculine: An Awakened man with high moral fiber. If it isn’t already. All I speak to are women who are tired of being hurt, of being insulted, of being treated less than a man because her gender is female. Any women still supporting the archaic ideals of the past are clearly women, in my humble opinion, who haven’t really fallen in love with their own Divine Feminine yet.

I grew up being called names like “bitch, slut, cunt”, because I’m female. I grew up being shamed for owning my sexuality, by men who are offended by their equal. And women who are also ashamed of themselves, and can’t energetically lend their support to their sisters.

I grew up hearing one type of woman being raved about, as if the genes she was born with made her worthy of a man’s lust. And that was supposed to mean something? The polar opposite was hearing the insults about women who weren’t obvious beauties in the eyes of men who were raised to value nothing more than the shell of who a woman is, and call that being a man.

It is no wonder I’m angry and disgusted by the way I’ve been treated as a woman in this lifetime. My friend sent me a link to a website called the Good Men Project. I think it’s a start and a foot put in the right direction, but my generation of men leaves me cold. I literally am not turned on by the lack of moral fiber in this generation of grown up boys. Boys who ruin relationships because they chase an ideal, that frankly doesn’t exist anywhere but in a magazine.

I’ve had married men hit on me, men with girlfriends insinuate that they would trade the one they currently brag about on social media, in for a date with me. This isn’t personal, this is the burden the unawakened men bare. They are as confused about what makes them lovable as women are.

A real man … the words used to insult me, as I’m raising boys to be men. And I don’t wish for them to be categorized and stigmatized for being male, anymore than I’ve enjoyed my journey as a woman for that reason.

What is a real man?

He isn’t someone who is threatened by a female in her full scope of femininity. In fact, he kind of appreciates that which he does not possess, and therefore will never fully understand.

He doesn’t immediately objectify women as sexual objects, because even though he may be very attracted to her, he wants to know who he’s sleeping with before he proves his manhood by “conquering” her. You know, like she’s property of some kind.

He is in strong defense of women’s rights, because … you know, she’s a human being too. And her rights are his rights. There is no petty difference between her worth, and his own.  I feel a lot of men have daughters before they realize this, but it’s time to change that in my opinion.

He doesn’t pick his partners based on appearance alone. That is saying a lot more about his own sense of self worth, than it is about her. He’s figured out that there’s always another pretty body and face just around the corner, and he’s had enough of beauty ideals being shoved down  his own throat. Like, he’ll define what he likes, all on his own. His mind is fully capable of understanding the difference between what he’s being asked to like and support (eating disorders, plastic surgery, keeping women in the 1900’s) and what he ACTUALLY likes. He has no shame in breaking the rules by pursuing that which isn’t considered ideal, because to him a woman’s beauty only grows with inner beauty. In other words, he’s removed the blindfold and operates as a bright and unique individual capable of making his own assumptions about right and wrong, beautiful or not beautiful. Like a real PERSON.

If faced with something hard, he doesn’t run. He uses the opportunity to grow, to evolve, perhaps to fix what he did wrong in the past.

He cares about people other than himself, and other than a romantic partner. He is in fact, probably a volunteer of some kind, or an entrepreneur in the healing field. His energy is contagious and predominantly healing for all who come into alignment with it. Including … WOMEN!

He knows his worth, but would never put himself above anybody, especially someone he’s been intimate with. His ego simply couldn’t fathom actually believing he’s better than anybody else.

When I speak of the Divine Masculine, few men come into mind as we currently stand. And that to me, is part of the biggest problem we are facing currently. All we have to do is look at whom was elected President. A racist, homophobic, woman hating man is running the United States of America. I am absolutely insulted by this. I want to defend the unawakened, for they are asleep.

It is a path of learning to love ourselves as we are, that we are on. Making a few changes never hurt, of course. I’m never saying “remain stagnant” when I say “love yourself”. Sometimes that does require actual change. You can’t love what you don’t actually love, but you can journey into what might cause you to feel more compassion for yourself. It is self love that will lead us out of the catastrophy. And only self love.

To heal the mirrors in front of us, we must heal the reflection behind the mirror first. One step into the unknown, a shedding of the skin of the past, or many as we go.

Ask yourself with every action you take, or don’t take, “Do I love myself if I’m treating my mirror this way?” If that’s not enough motivation, ask yourself how well you sleep at night operating the way you currently do. You can’t escape yourself, try, try, try, as you might.

In the words of Justin Beiber “you should go and love yourself”.



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