Soul Mates And Twin Flames

I I haven’t been able to successfully finish an entire book since the year 2012. That is the year the energy increased on the planet, and in my own life. I no longer feel pulled to do anything, including reading, that has no significant value to me, and maybe even the world at large. It’s like I can’t function on normal human autopilot anymore. It’s been kind of frustrating honestly, but only because my path hasn’t materialized enough to give me reason to believe I’m standing on solid ground.

I recently picked up a couple of books from the Twilight series, New Moon and Eclipse. I own the movie series, and have seen Twilight so many times I feel I can skip it and still enjoy starting off my spring/summer reading list on book two. One chapter down … wish me luck!! I used to be an avid reader, before my Awakening. Now I hope I can read one book from front to back.

I love the Twilight series, though I’ve from the beginning I’ve always been a bit old for them. I was already a mother of two young children by the time they were published. Still, there’s something so magical about the world Stephanie Meyer’s created, and a non-typical romance between a mortal and a glistening vampire.

I have come to despise what the human ego calls love. From my often higher perspective I see nothing more than hurt and a lack of love, in most relationships. I hate that we are so willing to settle for something that should be, used to be, about legitimate romance and mutual attraction on a soul level. People used to write love letters, love songs, hold hands, look into one another’s eyes beneath a night full of stars. I am insulted by the fact that most adult relationships begin with sex. And then hopefully lead to real love. In the words of Cher from Clueless, “AS IF!”

My heart longs for a relationship like Edward and Bella’s, one that from the beginning is about more than meets the eye. A soul mate/Twin Flame kind of love. I feel like in our society it is all too common for us to push two lonely people together and ask them to fall in love, rather than encouraging them to hold out for something real and above average in every way. Few will come into alignment with their actual soulmate, because of this, but can you imagine if they did?

POWER COUPLES are held up in  high regard, put on a pedestal for a very good reason: Both partners love themselves before entering the relationship, therefore they are legitimately able to love one another once they meet. Anything else for either of them, falls short and simply isn’t worth the effort or energy it would take to get it off the ground, or maintain something that isn’t truly beautiful and inspirational.

They’ve had normal before. They’ve had hurtful. They’ve had burdened and abusive. They’ve had ugly and wrong. They’ve had Mr. or Mrs. Can’t love as equally or as ardently as they do, before. They are the barer’s of much love, and inspirational hearts to match one other person on this planet, their soulmate.

They’ve lived lifetimes without one another. They’ve dreamed dreams about each other since the beginning of time, never really understanding where the void in their heart stems from. They hear all the time that another person doesn’t complete them, and they know that. But the void in them would tell them that somebody out there isn’t here yet, isn’t in their arms, isn’t wearing their ring, isn’t their King to their Queen. A major part of you is missing, you sense it. When the other half of your soul is gone, you’re supposed to.

Life is great single and chasing dreams, but love will soften and enlighten. Embolden and inspire. It will break down those walls you’ve built and shatter the human illusion you once lived in. I personally would rather dream about romance, than find myself in a relationship that is made up of empty, hollow, meaningless ideas about what mere mortal love between a man and a woman is.

If it isn’t real, it isn’t good enough.

P.S. I’m actually really embarrassed about my Inner Romance Junkie, so please don’t tell anyone I wrote this. I can be violent when it’s necessary, keep that in mind.








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