Fairy tales and Nightmares

We are dreaming with our eyes wide open. A dream within a dream …

The Sixth Dimension belongs to creation. It’s literally the only dimension where all future realities, or made up realities, exist all at the same time. I tap into this dimension when I read people, and when I attempt to see my own path a little clearer. This is the dimension your average every day psychic taps into when he’s delivering a message about what path you’re currently on, and where that will ultimately lead you.

Nobody can see everything that is coming. And nobody, no matter how good they are, can predict the future with one hundred percent accuracy all the time, because energy is constantly flowing and changing. Evolving as surely as the people who create these realities are. What was once a fantasy, upon manifesting, can sometimes feel like a nightmare instead.

I can attest to the fact that on my spiritual journey, I’ve lost more than one created “nightmare” for my own benefit. Meaning, though it hurt, a lot in some cases, all my vibes were really saying was, “you’re no longer a match to this turnout because you actually do love yourself!” I call this “DODGING A BULLET.”

The truth is as bad as I might think I want a certain “someone” (or something) from time to time, if I allow enough time to pass I start to sense or physically find proof that they bare my demons, which is why I’m even attracted to them in the first place. As I heal I like to trust that this is all for my highest good,  that once I figure out why they’ve come into my life, I can move on to MUCH BETTER!! The realities we create when we don’t love ourselves …

In the 6th Dimension along with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Unicorns, exist relationships that will never bloom, babies that will never be born, and your worst fucking nightmares. Be thankful our thoughts haven’t yet reached the point of instant manifestation while we are Earthbound. Be thankful for the buffer between worlds, that is human ego, when it serves you.

I, personally, am blindfolded sometimes as I travel my path, led to believe not all possibilities are possible, and that is a benefit. Traveling a leaders path wasn’t meant to be easy, or you wouldn’t have been born with the thickness of a warriors skin.

The sky is the limit when you’re dreaming, but what if God’s dreams for you, of you, and about you, are something you can’t tap into? And what if they’re better than your fragile human mind can fathom?

Enjoy your sleep, my dear.



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