Angel Road

In my last blog post (Bella Life) I wrote about making a donation to a local homeless shelter. There is a portal on the road where the people were lined up outside, from our world to the one above us. Heaven, I guess I could call it.

The most powerful Angels stood in that spot, watching over the homeless. I could see them in my minds eye, they were so tall. And they were much bigger than an average sized person.

The first thing that caught me off guard was the way the pigeon’s were behaving. They were flying around this spot in circles. You couldn’t even drive down the street. It was the most surreal behavior.

Hope and I walked down the street, as I pointed out things I really wanted her to make sure to capture on her Go-Pro.

At this part of the road, right in the middle, was the unmistakable feeling of something Godly.

I guess with the amount of suffering people lined up on that street, and the prayers from them, their family, and people who care, we created this Angelic Portal. That is my explanation.

Somebody is watching over us. In our worst moments we can be sure that there is someone who loves us.



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