My Birth

My whole blog thus far has basically been setting the foundation for what I do next, by allowing you a glimpse into my past. It shows you exactly why I choose Authenticity over any other kind of self expression. It ties what will be into what was, a perfect blend of tragedy and triumph. Mine truly has been a life worth sharing, and will continue to be.

My birth has set the theme for my life. My twin brother and I were born premature via c-section in a university hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. We were delivered six weeks early, both put on breathing equipment for a couple of days. My mother had Pre-eclampsia related problems, and needed to be induced before our lungs (especially mine, being the smaller twin) were fully functioning on their own.

I stopped breathing for what my mom was told was “up to five minutes.” In later years, she remembered the confusion surrounding the time of death of her newborn infant. One nurse told her it had been 12 minutes, another said it was closer to fifteen. The Dr. himself announced that it had been five at the most. All of this is untrue, as it was actually closer to 19 minutes total. The moments between my birth, my death, and my rebirth, was nearly twenty minutes of no breathing from my tiny baby body.

When I visited my friend Teal, I knew something had occurred during my birth, but I also knew she trusted me enough to eventually connect to my higher self and know what that was. I almost asked her “what happened when I was born?” The feeling that something was being covered up was that persistent.

The truth has a way of coming out, whether or not we file a complaint against the integrity of the people involved. Trust me.

I have the gift of sometimes being able to see a path that has yet to unfold, before it has fully manifested.  I see unborn children years before they exist. I see partners before they’ve actually become husband and wife. I see the outcome of the Superbowl three days in advance. That’s how energy works, it snowballs and becomes nearly real before it is real, often changing if the course is changed soon enough, or too soon.

Any seen path is always at liberty to change. That is in and of it’s self is enough of a reason for me to live my life according to my own set of values and following my own heart. We simply never know. Even with psychic technology in my hands, I’ve done some serious backtracking in my life.

Though I do love some of what I see in my future, I know the present moment is all that really belongs to me.

The power of now, is the only real power any of us possess.



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