Aura’s And Duality

I recently started “seeing” aura’s. They appear in my minds eye, rather than physically. This is surprising even to me. I’ve never been someone who actually sees things physically, not since I was a kid. I see them in my minds eye.

I was scrolling through my news feed on facebook, stopped to look at a profile picture someone had uploaded, and “just like that” their aura color, size, and shape appeared to me. I’ve tried the old fashioned way of seeing them, standing against white, blinking rapidly, squinting my eyes, but never had any luck. I am excited about this new development in my spiritual journey. I think it’s the perfect addition to my “tools” meant to assist me on my journey.

I bare the gift and the burden of Duality. I see life from both perspectives, the human ego and the spiritual perspective. I believe I have this gift because it’s valid in my line of work. I am a bit of a chameleon and change my perspective based on who I’m with. I literally become their vibrational twin.

We often choose not to deal with the human ego part of us, and latch onto some crystalized idea about what a spiritual person should look like instead. In other words, we keep ourselves trapped in the very place we’d like to escape: Suffering.

My friends like the argument that suffering isn’t something we have to do, and I agree. The problem with opting out of suffering altogether, is that you don’t. It’s like putting a pot on the back burner, and hoping the pot doesn’t eventually boil over.

It’s still THERE!!

As I walk the path of true spiritual leader I realize the world might not exactly feel ready for me.

Avoident’s of all kind run when they see me coming.

I am a mirror.

The mirror often doesn’t like what it sees.

The gift of Duality is a beautiful gift if used to heal. My ego will not be forsaken in the process of healing, but used. Perspective is ninety nine percent social conditioning after all, and we are all walking around constantly tip toeing the line between acceptable and not acceptable. It truly always depends on the power you give yourself to see life one way or another. I choose both, because that’s my job.

My people, have been without a spiritual teacher for a very long time. They can’t latch onto something that isn’t relatable or safe. Tupac Shakur was the last known spiritual teacher on this Earth that gave a voice to this brand of “low vibe” individual’s, as the world would label them, in a snotty way, of course.

Nobody has the right to judge a path they’ve never walked.

The shaming of people in pain, chronic pain, suffering, is what concerns me. I lived a life of secrecy because people implied that in order to be loved and respected I needed to rise above my own traumatic past and rapes, like they had never happened, like they didn’t affect me, like they hadn’t changed my entire outlook on life.

Enough is enough. This secrecy will hold us down forever. They want us to be silent in the face of mass societal abuse. Why wouldn’t they? It serves them if our army is silent.

It takes one voice to make a difference. I know because it was the work of another spiritual teacher who refused to remain silent, that has sparked this flame in my own soul, and given me a reason to live again.

There is nothing you shouldn’t talk about. Pick your battles, but know your army, and act according to your own code of ethics. The war isn’t with each other, it’s with the mirror that reflects back to us our own self hatred.



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