Dream Analyzing

If you ever feel like taking a deeper look into your psyche, analyze your dreams. My friend, Teal, discovered a new way to do that. She takes every symbol (something that represents an aspect of self) and takes on the persona of being that thing. If I were candy, how would I feel? What would I think? Etc.

I’ve been analyzing dreams for so long it feels pretty simple to me, but perhaps that comes with a certain level of being willing to be authentic and honest with yourself too. In the privacy of your own mind, be willing to be completely unedited while doing this, and you’ll get that much needed peek into a world you probably don’t normally like to visit, the subconscious mind – The darkest aspect of self are hidden there. The movie “Inside Out” portrays this perfectly. I’d recommend it if you want to understand how the psyche really works.

Dreams bring forth that which is unhealed, and often ignored in our daily lives. You  never rid yourself of anything until you’ve looked at it, analyzed it, and found peace with it. Or at the very least, how to use it to your highest benefit, and perhaps the benefit of mankind.

My dream last night is fading, but I’ll do my best to analyze it below: I was in some sort of school environment. I was surrounded by classmates, male and female. Some I know personally in my waking life, and others were strangers. A smorgasbord of sweets of every kind were available to us at all hours of the day and night. I took a modest amount, ate some, stashed some in my camelbak, and kept sneaking more. I was slightly embarrassed that I kept going back for more, but it was like I couldn’t help myself. I was a kid in a candy store. It wasn’t greed that drove me, but that same excitement that you feel as a child who can’t reign in his enthusiasm for the abundance before him. The only thing that stopped me from taking it without guilt was the desire not to turn my peers off in some way.


SWEETS – I’m sweet and addictive. I am shared everywhere. People share me at parties, on holidays, and even at work on occasion. I’m like the epitome of something that connects people of all different races, backgrounds, and belief systems. Even people who claim not to like me, like me! I’m much more pervasive than people probably admit on a daily basis. I’m loved, so loved. People will never tire of me, or get enough of me.

My decoded answer: I’m the spirituality inherent in everything and everyone, everywhere.

SCHOOL – I’m the heart and soul of the education system. Without me there is no hope. I was designed to bring awareness to everybody, but few leave ever knowing how important I am in their lives. They enter my doors, pretend to pay attention, and leave with no real appreciation of what I’ve given them so freely, and in  hopes of finding something less bookish and more romanticized.

My decoded answer: I’m not the most glamorized person. I reveal every dirty aspect of myself, because of my beliefs about how important it is. I tend to feel ignored and disposed of once I’ve helped rewire someone’s emotional hard drive. Or tossed aside, because I forgot to edit or filter myself to properly introduce the lesson they needed into their lives. Because I forgot to wear a mask of perfection.

People don’t often want to have to see themselves in the broken mirrors they attract to them. We really do want to belong to this plastic, perfect world, and/or this idea of spiritual enlightenment, more than we want to love who we actually are.

I also see clearly how this is the way we are taught to be in our society, be successful, be beautiful, become someone who matters. All the while ignoring or forgetting what really DOES matter.

PEERS – We are all a little lost without each other. We occasionally come together in the same room and pretend to connect, but the masks we wear actually prevent that from happening. We force smiles and politeness, then go home and wonder if we can possible go back tomorrow. We call this love?

My decoded answer – There is no real connection. At least not as often as I wish there were. I’m not against polite people, or happy go lucky people, but I love it when somebody pops out with the most authentic replies and actions. That is when I feel the least alone, and the most safe.

CAMELBAK – I carry Alisha’s essentials for her, possibly often saving her life when she’s hiking and otherwise risking her safety. She’s come to trust that I’ll always be right behind her, on her back, loaded with water and granola bars … unless she forgets to fill me up, I do my job well. I’m even quite helpful when she’s stealing candy, and seeking to hide it. I am whatever she needs me to be.

My decoded answer – This must be my guides!! And my ability to fill up my own cup, so that when I’m thirsty, I can drink well.

STEALING – I’m not really wrong, but people often perceive me that way. I can help a hungry thief feed his family, therefore their perception of me is based on what they were taught is right or wrong. Personally, I think everybody should have what they want.

My decoded answer – I’m not bad, I’m just me. We live our lives on jaded perceptions, when we could be living them with compassion and understanding of the many unique paths we’ve all chosen to take. Anybody who truly loves themselves would treat themselves to what they truly want. I’m hungry so I find a way to feed my soul, whether or not anybody agrees with how I go about that.

Some of those answers hit below the belt, and some made me laugh out loud. What are your dreams trying to get you to face about yourself?



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