Alpha Female

It’s not easy being an Alpha Female.

Hollywood would portray your Alpha as a woman who is cold and heartless, a seductress who will do anything to get ahead in life. Or as a tomboy who kicks it with the boys and will throw a punch when needed, but I think of myself as more of a “Spiritual Alpha” female. Like, most likely I won’t hit you. Unless there’s great cause for an action like that. I’ll probably just throw some psychic mind fuck your way instead. Fuck your mind so good you don’t know if you love me or hate me, have you screaming to stop while simultaneously begging me to continue.

Yeah, I’m THAT kind of Alpha Female.

Seriously though, I don’t make friends easily with insecure people. Or you know, people, people. Women especially have a hard time allowing me to be fully  me. Few can support a woman with a strong core, who doesn’t make her life about a man. I think people in and of themselves are offended by someone who doesn’t ask permission, or get their self esteem from them.

I can see the pain in women who judge me. They feel less free than  me, to say what’s on their mind. We’ve bred a generation of people pleasers, who don’t know how to say “no”. Women especially are targeted for this brand of oppression.

“Be a nice girl.”

“Act like a lady!”

The most I ever got for being a “nice girl” is walked all over. A lot of people have no respect for a woman in her full naked glory as an Alpha. They call her a … well you know.

I was that girl in High school who was bullied and called names like “slut”, for enjoying my life the same as other girls my age. The rumor mill ran wild with that one for a year. It’s like no matter what “I” do, it’s wrong as a woman. It’s taken me fifteen years to say “fuck it”. I’m having my “no fucks left” moment in my thirties!! I really wish it had been sooner!

I don’t mean to be offensive. I’m actually very sensitive, which is why I’m so often triggered into an emotional response by others.

I hate it when girls block me, when they reach out to insult me online, when their boyfriends can’t talk to me anymore. I hate it when a woman I thought was my friend, suddenly turns her back and becomes cold. I usually don’t have to actually insult her personally for her to decide she doesn’t like me after all.

Men are a lot kinder to me.

There’s not judgement, no competition, no hateful remarks about my appearance or what I’m doing with my life. I recently saw an Instagram account that I don’t necessarily like, this woman was sexual to her fullest and damn. I prefer tasteful or artistic art, but I still had mad respect for her confidence and balls. My sisters are beautiful, whether or not their content is for me.

I’m done attacking other women. If I feel threatened by her, I actually make myself find reasons to respect her, or love her differences. Sometimes it’s actually finding things we have in common that bring me relief from human ego (jealousy). I know how much it hurts to be judged by my universal sisters, when we could build an army together instead. The Alpha might try to take over, boss everyone around, and you might not like that, but you can gently taker her by the hand, look her in the eye, and tell her “shut the fuck up, bitch. I got this. I’m as strong as you are.”

Let’s empower each other. Let’s be voices for real women, in a world where we’ve been silenced by shame.

Nothing will ever change if we don’t love one another, or die trying. It is that important to the world and the next generation of little girls who will become tomorrow’s leaders, that we don’t stop fighting the good fight for women’s rights, and general acceptance of all things bold and beautiful within. We are that generation!

Humble yourself, and bow before your sisters.



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