Poverty Born Apathy

From a higher perspective, people like to say “there’s no reason for apathy. If you’re unhappy, change something.” What they don’t understand is you didn’t land in an apathetic state overnight, or all by yourself. Apathy for me, came with a lot of demands that nobody had ever made easy in any way for me to live up to.

We like to tell those in poverty that all they have to do is work hard and have a great attitude while doing it, and they will climb up out of poverty. Some of my friends have said the reason people never succeed is because they never tried. These same friends have their parents money at their beck and call if they ever choose to use it to their advantage. The level of ignorance concerning poverty and people born into it, is astronomical.

My place in this world isn’t to alleviate anybody’s bad attitude, but to commiserate with them instead, and then show them how to empower themselves.

Seeds are planted in the psyches of poverty born victims, and we are told in every way that we aren’t worth what we want. We can’t buy the shampoo we want, let alone travel at our own leisure.

Some people like to throw out the ugliest, most hateful comments about people who are on welfare, while never understanding that they aren’t deciding on which luxury vacation to take this year, but on what brand of beer to buy to alleviate some of the pain in their lives. And forget about dental care this year. Again. It’s like bashing your head into a wall and hoping the world will eventually crack open enough for one more person to escape the clutches of a third dimensional reality which simply must have an underdog, because how else would one in power stay in power?

I hope to walk this Earth in another country one day, a savior to people who truly have nothing, but while I’m “stuck” here in America, I will be a voice for my people.

I won’t back down. I won’t allow your ignorance to prevail. I will no longer take comments meant to hurt me, lying down. I’m not the rug you wipe your feet on. What does it take to get any respect around here? A pair of fake tits and a name bigger than Kardashian? I am very gifted. I am not in school. I will not partake of the platter meant to poison my bloodstream. I am Spiritual Diva, and that means something.

The three steps out of Apathy: The first step is allowing yourself to be in sorrow, because let’s face it, your life has been fucked up in many ways. The second step is to GET MAD!!! The third is to decide what YOU want, not what anybody tells you to want. You walk that path alone, and they can choose to keep up, or be left behind.

Three steps, all very important to take: Sorrow, Anger, Empowerment.

Good luck on your journey. I hope to be around long enough to see my kids thrive if this world ever decides to see straight.

Namaste: Fuck you, but I love your soul.

-Spiritual Diva


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