Astral Travel

I’m spending my morning writing, it’s my Saturday! Later today I’m taking my boys to a birthday party, and then a car show. Tomorrow is Easter. Today is my day.

I haven’t managed to travel out of my body on purpose much. I live in a state of nearly always (in a way) being out of body, but I’m not a professional at it. My energy, due to high levels of fear, usually hovers around my head. I use my body automatically, but sometimes daydream until I’m basically traveling in other dimensions.

One time when I was sick with the flu, after I’d taken a super hot shower, I laid on my bed in my towel, and closed my eyes, my breathing heavy …

Suddenly I was leaving my body, walking through my living room into my kitchen, peeking out the glass window door into my backyard. I saw my son and his father playing on the four wheeler. I walked further into the kitchen, looked at the time, touched the wall to make sure it was real, and then slid backwards until I was entering my body again.

I know some people can do this at their beck and call. I am not the most patient person, so I haven’t mastered it yet. I wonder if you have ever had such an experience. I’d love to hear your stories and personal tips for astral travel.



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