Da Struggle Is Real

They say life is a journey. Every day is a journey leading me into previously untapped into aspects of myself – some of it is very human and full of ego. Other bits of it are spiritual and pretty cool to get to experience before and unlike anyone else I know personally. It’s all a journey, and it’s all personal. My path is unlike anybody else’s, but I think it’s pretty cool all the same.

When I first began my journey, hardcore, five years ago I was having experiences I thought made me “crazy”, because in a black and white world where everybody dresses the same (The Giver – my favorite childhood book) we are taught that anything out of the ordinary makes you insane. Including spiritual gifts like mine, the ones I’ve had my entire life and just recently have begun to talk about publicly.

I guess I stopped buying into fear.

I pretty much avoid mainstream anything like the plague. I swear, it’s all designed to make you feel bad and keep you in your place. Watch enough movies and you’ll understand what I mean (In Time, anyone? Timberlake’s in that.) I have a list of favorites that I’ll probably inevitably share as I post about my spiritual journey. I love art, music, and movies.

I’ll wrap this up with a cliche about how much fun my journey has been, despite the pain of it all too, just to make sure you’ll come back and read more of my spiels on society, the struggle, and real shit. I argued with my guides a little about using the title “Spiritual Diva” (It makes me look cocky), but then again, what the Hell is wrong with honoring the Divine within your own soul? If that bitch likes being called a Diva, I’m gonna’ call her a fucking Diva. Why, what do you call her? Exactly.

Enchantress …

I mean, Spiritual Diva …






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